Where are your products made?
All Chef Clever product are engineered and designed with the utmost care and precision in Canada. We then outsource the manufacturing of our products to our certified and reputable manufacturers in China who follow our very strict requirements and high level of quality assurance. All our products are certified and tested exhaustively. As you already know all our products far exceed FDA Requirements, are BPA free, and have a green ecological footprint!
What is the maximum usage temperature of your baking mat?
If you have seen other brand baking mats promising you temperature above 450F, then you are being misguided. We have been testing with different silicone surface in our Research and Development center and our results are more than clear. There is not silicone surface that can withstand temperatures above 450F. You see above 450F, the tightly knit silicone particles, start to become unstable and turn into a fume. This in turn damages your product prematurely and sends of silicone particles into your food and in the air your breath. Do not use above 450F, no matter what anyone tells you! Keep your family and your kids safe and only buy Premium Product. Product that are design with your well being in mind!
Does my food cook better or more evenly on your Silicone baking mat? What can I use it for?
Besides the multiple advantages of your Chef Clever baking mat, one that is very enjoyed for by professional chefs, is the amazing dissipation of heat throughout the baking surface. Our Silicone Technology ensured an even cook or bake every time, making your family favorites come out absolutely delicious! Use your Chef Clever Non-Stick Silicone Baking mat for any of your favorites recipes such as cookies, croissants, cakes, vegetables, fish, meat and any other special family recipes. There are no limits to what recipe you can use it for! You will truly enjoy using your Chef Clever non-stick Silicone baking mat for many years to come!
Is your silicone baking mat easy to Clean?
In no time you will be enjoying your time with family and friends instead of Scrubbing your pan's. The Chef Clever non-Stick Silicone backing mat, is a scrub-free product. All you need is a soft sponge and some soap water to get the excess cleaned of the mat. Make sure you never use any scrub sponges or sharp objects on the baking mat, this will ensure many years of reliable usage!
How long does your silicone baking mat last? Is it Reusable?
For the minimal investment of our Chef Clever non-stick silicone Baking mat, you will enjoy scrub free baking for many years to come. If you bake 2 times a week, you can use and reuse your baking mat for up to 20 years. Yes, you heard me right, our baking mats are designed to last for up to 2000 uses. Imagine how much you will save on aluminum foil and parchment paper over these years. Imagine your reduction on the waste in your kitchen which will help our environment. Chef Clever is not only a healthy option but a conscious option to help our planet. Thank you for being the change and choosing companies that are conscious of their practices and impacts on the environment.
Our your products safe for my food, my kids and my family? Do you have the FDA and BPA-FREE Certifications?

You see, at Chef Clever we care about you and your family's health, It is our #1 Priority! This is why we have created our own food safety Standards which far exceeds what the FDA is asking for! We do have our FDA and BPA-FREE Certifications, even though we believe there are not enough!

We could be selling cheap baking mat without any safety standards and making a quick buck, but we choose to sell only a Premium product, one which was designed by professionals, exceeds all FDA Requirements, meets our safety standards, is toxic-free and a true BPA-Free product. You see, we believe in being much more demanding and rigid with food grade product regulations to ensure that only the safest products make it to the market, thus protecting your family's health!

Why is your Silicone Baking mat better than a Pan, a Jelly roll pan, Aluminum foil or Parchment Paper?
Can you remember pulling out your favorite recipe from the oven and having to fight with the aluminum foil or parchment paper? How about soaking and scrubbing the jelly roll pan? How fun was that? With Chef Clever non-stick silicone baking mat, these times are over! You will no longer be leaching toxic chemical into your food from aluminum foil or wax from parchment paper. Forget oil, butter, grease or other fattening agents. Forget about the scrubbing, spend more time with your family and friends instead! And imagine the amount of money you will save. If you bake twice a week, our baking mat will last you 20 years and you will save at least 1000 dollars just from cutting out aluminum foil and parchment paper
Can I use the Chef Clever Silicone baking mat directly on the oven rack, in the microwave, freezer, dishwasher or BBQ?
The Chef Clever Silicone Baking mat was designed to be used inside a 17x12 inches baking pan. To ensure long term durability and get proper baking results we do not recommend using it directly on the oven rack because it gets very hot and it is hard to remove from the oven due to its lack of rigidity. You may use it in the microwave, the freezer and it is top rack dishwasher safe. You want to avoid using any sharp object on the baking mat. This product is not intended to be used on the BBQ either. Proper maintenance, usage and storage will ensure many years of reliable usage.
Does your Silicone Baking mat offer a True non-stick surface?
The Chef Clever Research and Development team has done the impossible and now we bring you this amazing innovation, previously only available to professional chef's, into your kitchen. We have created the most advanced Food Grade Silicone Non-Stick Surface and Yes it really works and we guarantee it! It is 100% SCRUB FREE Guaranteed! Watch your Family baked on favorites literally side off eliminating the need for butter, oil or other fattening agents. Imagine the savings. That's not all, since our baking mat is reusable up to 2000 time you will save a lot of money on Aluminum foil and Parchment paper. Leave all that frustration behind and Say yes to Chef Clever non-Stick Silicone baking mat. Save time and Save money, Be healthy!


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