DLux team up with Chef Clever

For Immediate Release: DLux™ has partnered with Chef Clever and proceeds with a Re-brand to DLux™ (Montréal, Québec, Canada) DLux™ offers a variety of household, office, catering and baby safety products. Montréal, Québec  – (13, 12, 2018) DLux™ and Chef Clever, are excited to announce their new partnership and cooperation. “It was a great opportunity to join team up with Chef Clever to expand the product line of slot online” said Michel Szmigiel, Co-founder.  “When we looked at the increasing demand, it became clear that we needed to do something fast. All owners agreed that cooperation with Chef Clever would allow us to grow exponentially, and offer new quality products." DLux™ features quality products for every household including catering supplies,Read More

Turmeric Benefits are Wonderfully Innumerable!

Turmeric Benefits are Wonderfully Innumerable! Turmeric stands as a distinctive and beneficial member of the spice family. Carrying uniqueness in color, turmeric has a flavor almost as pungent and earthy as ginger. With a pale yellow skin and a brilliant orange color inside, this slot game is vastly used as a healing as well as flavoring agent. It is extracted from the ground-dried bulb from the turmeric plant, the Curcuma longa. Turmeric is generally recognized as a condiment or seasoning used in South Asian cuisine. However, this little root is also highly appreciated and used in Indian and Chinese medicine, due to its holistic properties. Contributing Color & Flavor to Cuisines Turmeric adds brightness, a kick of bitter flavor andRead More

Ginger Benefits: A Bitter Yet Highly Beneficial Root

Ginger Benefits – A Bitter Yet Highly Beneficial Root Bitter in taste but flavorsome when used in cooking, this root is a common spice used in South Asian cuisines due to the tangy taste it offers. In this decade, many famous chefs have discovered its delicious properties when combined with various ingredients. Though this journey of unique ginger flavor discovery has occurred in the recent years, Ginger has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties in various cultural and traditional medicines. It is considered a very effective ingredient especially for relieving the common cold and flu as well as digestive problems such as loss of appetite, nausea, motion sickness, etc.   There are numerous health benefits of ginger andRead More

Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Lemon Detox Tea

The Amazing Benefits of Ginger Turmeric Lemon Detox Tea There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that natural ingredients offer immense benefits without posing any serious side effects. Some of the amazing gifts of nature include Ginger, Turmeric, and Lemon. These three ingredients have been used for centuries to get relief from a number of ailments and enhance overall health. Ginger, turmeric and lemon can be used separately or mixed together to gain health benefits. There are many benefits of lemon water when you mix it with turmeric and prepare a tea. Together, these two ingredients will boost your immunity, as well as detoxify your liver. You can create your own detox tea; if you do not want these twoRead More

Benefits of maple syrup: Surprising!

Benefits of Maple Syrup - The Golden Elixir! When you are looking for a 100% natural, sweetener or a sugar source, which is healthier and has less fructose, then Maple Syrup is your first choice. Maple syrup is a sap extracted from maple trees. It is a natural sweetener just like raw honey. Native Americans have regarded it as a source of energy and nutrition for centuries. Health benefits of maple syrup are multiple as it has important minerals and antioxidants. Sugar, Maple Syrup and Honey – The Comparison White table sugar and high fructose corn syrup are the standard sources of sweetness in every corner of the world. However, studies show that they contain no minerals, nutrients, or antioxidants.Read More

Benefits of Lemon Water! Adding Health and Flavor to Life!

The lemon is most renowned for adding fresh and tangy flavors to food, but did you know they are also valued for their medicinal properties? Lemons contain an abundance of essential nutrients, including Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Fiber, Vitamin C and B-complex vitamins. Apart from providing a quick energy boost, these nutrients also contribute to overall health and wellness, regardless of age. Many ancient medicinal recipes in China and India suggested using lemons frequently to treat numerous skin and health conditions. The ancient Egyptians were also aware of lemons’ wonderful qualities, and used them as one of the ingredients to preserve their mummies. Health Benefits of Lemon Water Ah, there is nothing more flavorsome than lemon water or lemonade onRead More

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